I specialize in all manners of intimacy, connection, relationships, and human motivation. I strive to facilitate divine presence within each moment, encounter, and every unique experience my beloveds wish to share in with me. You will find there is no one quite like me, nor an experience…What you will take away from exchanging with me will extend far beyond a shared moment, lasting you lifetimes. I am honored to be a vessel on this Earth to welcome you back to your true nature. It is ALWAYS a reciprocal exchange and benefit for me as well. 

I recently completed my Masters in Women’s and Gender Studies. Additionally, I have a background in psychology and religious studies. I wanted to understand the history of the world’s religions, how they created the psychology of the people, and how the two work in tandem to create social systems and policies that privilege a few and marginalize many. Next up–law school here I come.

Outside of this sphere, I work as a holistic wellness practitioner. In my free time, I mentor underserved youth. Hence, my availability here is limited. If we connect, I made time to do so because I sensed yours to be of a kindred spirit with mine. These connections are indeed the joys of my adult private life, to feel into another through the spirit’s divine channel. 

The smell of books intoxicates me, while taking in diverse perspectives across time gives me butterflies. The only thing I love more than books are my cats. Yup–I am one of those.

There is absolutely nothing more exhilarating to me than discovering new ways of being in the world, via new experiences and new faces. I have never wanted to live a life where days don’t change, and I have been fairly successful.

Fluidity is the most endearing quality of life, and how I set my compass–any direction goes. Wherever I end is home and always was, no matter what path I take. The same is true for all souls. So I encourage you–take a different path today. You will end up where you are headed, whichever direction you take.

I routinely travel in SE Asia and have spent extended periods there both for research and pleasure, although I find the two interchangeable. I am an avid scholar of eastern thought and philosophy, and and all things “out of the box”.

Energy is everything. Energetic exchange is powerful and leaves lasting effects. I am admittedly cautious and particular when choosing whom to engage and share space with, as we take on the vibrations of other energetic bodies in our proximal spaces.

I am a minimalist and advocate for simplicity. I revere Mother Earth, and give Her praise for the life She allows me to awaken to and live each day. Further, I have a love affair with the  moon unmatched by human experiences.

You can find me in a library, museum, coffee shop, vintage store, or somewhere outdoors grounding and experiencing nature the divine. I live a mindful and sustainable lifestyle, to include mind/body/spirit maintenance and well-being. I cannot give you happiness, but smiles come free. 🙂 

Music makes my soul dance and my tastes are eclectic. I love Jazz, Reggae, African SOCA music, Stevie Nicks, Indie, Neo-soul, Asian and Middle Eastern sounds as well–anything with the kind of vibrations that awaken your rhythmic soul. 

I am cautious not to appropriate cultural practices (Tantra) that have little to do with the way the West has perverted them for capitalist purposes. Tantra is a way of being in and engaging each moment fully, whole heartedly, with an openness to receive all things in love. Tantra is me. Tantra is you. I am the altar and my prayers/practices are my offerings. 

I love more than anything to simply be with other humans in whatever ways may show up between two energies meant to collide. I suspend all expectations and judgments. We are free. It is my wish to be in service to you touching that experience, even if for a moment.

Cosmic Kisses, 


My humanist efforts: I am an avid activist against human trafficking victims who have been forced, coerced, etc. into sexual slavery. To honor those women/children and give towards relief efforts to end such heinous atrocities, I have added a couple of sites I donate to, and invite you to as well. If you choose to share a donation with ONE OF THE LISTED organizations and can provide proof of donating (minimum $10), I will reduce my suggested offering by 10% once for our initial meeting. Verification of donations must be handled before any scheduled meeting to receive a discount. Please email the confirmation–screen shot of receipt, etc. with date/time stamp.