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It gives me deep content to share my light and love with other kindred spirits in search of deeper connections and higher dimensions.

Suggested offerings are for my shared time and counsel–my MAGICK.

Whatever is offered on my behalf is gifted back to the Goddess. To adorn me is to adorn her is to adorn you.

I am ever grateful for your expressions of admiration and appreciation for my shared presence in your world.

You choose the engagement based on your needs–what you hope to learn, understand, experience, feel, release, and take away from a shared moment.

I am simply a vessel through which energy/ information comes, here to transfer it to those who seek.

Chosen Engagement

Offering In-call

Offering Outcall

A Moment in Time (1hr)



Deeper Dives (1.5 hr)



Let’s Ascend (2hr)



It’s the Little Things (3hr)

*This option requires savoring a meal out together and more*



Into the Bleu (12hrs)



A Return to You (24hrs)



Total Immersion (48hrs)



Outcall requests, please add 60.00 to your chosen engagement (unless scheduling longer engagements 12+ hours). For some reason, the above listed table is not showing the suggested outcall offering on phone screens.

Couples welcomed with a required 2 hour minimum to schedule. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THESE SHARED EXCHANGES 🙂 

  • Couples 2 hours: 1200.00
  • Couples 3 hours: 1600.00
  • Longer engagements decided upon at my discretion.

** For ALL weekend appointments, please note the current required 2 hr. minimum. **

Note: Longer engagements considered and decided upon at my discretion, pending my availability and the request details.

 Cash and all major credit cards accepted via paypal.

When using the Paypal option (below) suggested offerings must be received and reflected in my account one hour before scheduled meetings. Out of appreciation for offerings handled electronically, there is no added fee for outcall requests.


Consulting: 1 hour



Note: For requests longer than one hour, offerings can be made directly to via Paypal.

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