“Only by love can men see me, and know me, and come unto me.” Bhagavad Gita

I envision our time together as sacred. I accept you in your totality. I am not here to help you deny anything, rather I am here to help you rearrange and get to the center of your energy. In such, your taste for life will doubly be enriched. I crave new experiences and the chance to celebrate life with other out-of-their-minders. I find a new world is born in me with each new encounter I have. What I imagine is that you are in search of an escape from the chaos of the world at present. Let me not compound, nor add to your disconnect. Allow me to show you, simply…You. Sometimes, we just need a mirror.

In honor of our sacred shared time, please do us both the respect of taking the time to understand who I am and my preferences for engagement.

Upon review if you are interested to connect with me, I invite you into my world. Please complete the submission form below.

I am unable to respond to inquiries until I have received the necessary verification information.

  • My personal preference caters to exceptional gentlemen who have amassed the age of 35+ years of life/wisdom. Please do not send any requests if you are under 35.
  • Please review my website schedule before sending email requests for days, times, and location possibilities. This will save my time and yours. I keep it updated every month for the month ahead.
  • No Same Day Appointments.  I take great care to prepare my energy and space to engage you at my highest vibration. You must schedule 24 hours in advance.
  • Weekend Destination Requests (Friday-Sunday). Required 1.5hr commitment Greensboro, 2hr commitment RDU and Charlotte.
  • Please do not provoke discussion about suggested offerings for shared time. If you have questions, please find your way to my “Offerings” page.
  • New friend verification is mandatory. In order to maintain my safety, I am unable to respond to inquiries that have not completed the necessary verification process.
  • Please send a verifiable professional profile link or business card (must have pic), or a copy of a state issued ID in order for me to verify that you are who you say you are. It is imperative I know who I am choosing to share time with in a privatized sphere. I honor both our needs to remain safe and discreet, and take care to protect your personal information.
  • No longer taking (or giving) provider/third party references as means of verification. Very unfortunately, other providers (many of whom are unverified themselves) do not verify your actual person, putting our safety as providers at risk.
  • On the submission form below, please share a bit about yourself (keeping it tasteful), so I may discern if our energies would align. The more you share, the better able I am to fashion an experience unique to what you hope to garner from engagement with me.
  • Any mention of suggested physical/sexual exchange will end all further communication. 
  • I am not a licensed massage therapist. It is illegal to advertise for, or agree to such services under NC law unless you hold the associated licensure. Please do not request “massages” or “body rubs” in your correspondence with me, or I am unable to engage further communications.
  • I share my contact number once verification processes have cleared. I do so to limit phone contact to those who have shown a genuine interest and are ready to secure shared time with me.
  • Calls are ONLY for appointment confirmation the day prior to a scheduled meeting and check-in on the day of upon arrival to our meeting. All other inquiries/conversations should be handled via email to maintain discretionary respect for both parties. Please do not text/call me at any time without our having previously agreed (by email) on a date/time.
  • I share the password for my gallery (Aesthetics page) once new friends have been verified. I do not send photos to friends, so please do not ask. However, I do keep my gallery updated routinely.
  • I afford a great deal of energetic/logistical preparation towards planning to meet with friends. In honor of my energy body and yours, I only host 2 to 3 meetings with friends weekly, and am highly selective when choosing who to engage. Since I receive I an enthusiastic number of requests, I have likely turned away others to prioritize seeing you. Please be be mindful and certain you can follow through with a scheduled meeting when asking me to allocate time to spend with you.
  • Life happens. However, if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, there is a $250.00 cancellation fee that must be handled via Paypal before we can reschedule. I have have invested time and resources of my own at this point to prepare to host you, most often that I cannot get back.
  • I have a strict zero review policy. I am a professional; this is a sphere I enjoy privately as I imagine is the case for you as well. Reviews set dangerous prerequisites of women who hold space for the seeking world, creating unrealistic expectations held by future friends. Not everyone’s energy aligns in the same way. Further, I prefer our communion with one another remain just that–sacred between two humans.
  • I insist on an exchange of mutual reciprocity and respect within a shared space and moment. Although I am honored as a woman to show you all the places where you may have forgotten who you are, I will not compromise my own internal sanctum to do so and am committed to no harm.
  • Of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE: My health, safety and sanity are invaluable. Please do not ask me to endanger or compromise any or all of those, ever.

The beloved is not chosen. The beloved is recognized.