Your Cold


I drink you in, watering my thirst. 

Your cold pierces my skin and I cannot wash you off. 

The briskness to your wind cuts to my bones and I crave the way you feel. 

Your birds fly into my heart making a ruckus. 

Your light is blinding, but I do not need to see. 

I open to you, melting your ice with my warmth. 

You thought you would freeze me, but I am your divine counterpart. 

You cannot conquer me. 

You only compliment me. 

You sustain me as I sustain you. 

You thought we were separate, different—something called individual. 

What a fool you’ve been. 

To forget we are one.

The all. 

The infinite. 

The powerful. 

Waking up to you is like magic. 

Waking up to me. 

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