What is Real?


He asked me if it was real. “Like how do you know if it’s real?

I replied, “It is as real as anything else they say is real.

Just because they say it is unreal, or less real, does not make it so.

What do you feel in this moment? Does it spur your energy?

Does it send vibrations from the base of your awareness out through the top of your crown?

Does it warm you and make you feel whole, one with source?

Does it make the hairs on the back of your neck protrude, while you simultaneously sink into its love?

Does it make your knees buckle and your heart jump?

What about your toes? Do you feel it?

Do you think of it later and smile, or simply laugh out loud in gratitude for how beautiful life can be?

Does it both excite and calm your senses all at the same time?

In that moment, is there anywhere else in the entire world you would rather be?

When that moment has passed, do you find yourself longing to revisit that sense of bliss?

This is how you know it is real. It cannot be fake nor faked.

Then again, tell me—is anything ever real?

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