Divinity Speaks.

Photo on 5-7-16 at 2.57 AM #2

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had only one wish–to unite with the divine in as many ways, on as many days, as humanly possible.

She chose a life (or maybe it chose her) where she would never have to say, “Gosh I wish I would have done that.”

One where she would never have to apologize for what she did do.

A life of freedom means you belong to no one, you answer to no one, and there are no limits to what you love and can experience.

Who wouldn’t want to taste the divine in all her many flavors?

Who wouldn’t want to dance to a million rhythms, feel a million heartbeats, merge with a million energies, where one plus one makes one in a million moments?

Tell me who?

Find me that person and I will surely tell you–they are the ones who will wish they’d lived their lives in kaleidoscopic color one day, rather than according to the black and white blueprint society laid for them…

Bite into creativity, just for today.

Taste her divinity as it speaks to that which is divine in you.

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